All it took was some Googling and a single visit to Golden, Colorado to decide I needed to move out west. I packed up my car, found roommates on Craigslist, and haven’t left the mountains since. After earning an Art Education degree from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, I found myself pulled towards the outdoor industry. I volunteered my time until I found a good fit at the American Alpine Club. A content manager position was created for me to help shape the Club’s stories and mobilize community; five years later, I now manage the Club’s marketing department.

I believe the best stories begin when you listen.

I believe in purpose-driven marketing.

Want to work with me? Email me: whitney.bradberry(at)gmail(dot)com

 Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

Does your brand have a story to tell? Need help? You can also find me and other talented storytellers at Bonfire Collective.



7 thoughts on “About

    1. Well, that’s embarrassing! I accidentally pasted my whole comment from another blog and not just the link– obviously I mean Whitney and not Andrea. Why doesn’t WordPress have a way to undo comments?? haha Anyways, I like reading your blog and I did nominate you for the Liebster blog award. 🙂

      1. Aww thanks so much, Sarah. That was a fun surprise! Knowing others are reading my blog definitely keeps me motivated to continue to write.

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