Why I’m Supporting the Venus de Miles: All Women’s Bike Ride

When I received an email asking me if I’d like to take part in spreading the word about the Venus de Miles all women’s road ride, I got really excited! I’m a huge supporter of anything related to getting folks outdoors AND I think noncompetitive, all women’s events, are fantastic ways to get out and try something new. On top of that, the cycling event raises money for Greenhouse Scholars – an organization dedicated to helping high-performing, under-resourced students reach their full potential.

With such a great cause, I looked forward to the opportunity to help spread the word about the VDM and try my hand at biking. Still, after a few days of considering it, I started doubting myself.  My roommate told me my helmet was dorky. I don’t have clipless pedals, would that be okay? My “long” bike rides usually consists of only 10-15 miles. What if I was the only beginner? Those thoughts circled around in my head and finally gave me the fuel to say “YES, I’d love to join the Venus de Miles Connector Program!” The fact that I had any of those thoughts (especially all of them) meant I needed to do it. Being scared or nervous about trying something new is okay, letting it stop you is not!

Anytime I’ve ever been worried about being the only beginner, it’s never been a big deal. A few times I’ve even surprised myself and done better than I expected. To top it off, I watched the video from last year’s event and it became obvious that this biking event was not about who had the nicest helmet or who was biking what, it was about supporting each other and the Greenhouse Scholars. Watch the video here: Venus de Miles video . Now doesn’t that look fun!?

With options of 100,65, 28-miles, I decided to stick with 28. I think it’s a great starting point for my first biking event. Between wedding planning, getting married, working and other summer adventures, I’ll be adding biking to my agenda. This event has already motivated me to start riding my bike to work, something I should have done a while ago! Follow along as I train, for September 29th, here on my blog, and on Twitter at #VenusdeMiles.

Want to join me in trying something new? Sign-up for the Venus de Miles and use the code bccowhit to receive $5.00 off registration!

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10 thoughts on “Why I’m Supporting the Venus de Miles: All Women’s Bike Ride

  1. Looks like fun Whit. Maybe we can ride the 32 mile course when I get out there. A fun event and new challenge!

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